My name is Anne Gabriels and I have been reading science fiction books for as long as I can remember. A huge fan of the great visionary  Isaac Asimov, I’ve always dreamed of possible futures for our human society.

I am privileged to live in amazing times of human accomplishment. Our dreams of living a longer, better life, of reaching for the stars, of abolishing poverty and hunger, are closer than ever.

And so are the dreams of uncovering the deepest secrets of the micro-universe around us, as we develop nano-technology and genetic engineering to benefit humanity. Or so we hope.

With all of these discoveries, comes great responsibility.

Sometimes I become greatly concerned about the future of humanity, and I am not talking about the distant future only. What life will my children and grandchildren have? What choices will they make?

With these on mind, I decided to leave the comfort of reading for pleasure, and embark on a much more difficult journey, of writing for my children, and for all the children of the world, a story of coming of age, and of choices.

I live in southwestern Ontario with my family, and I am a professional engineer.

Anne Gabriels is my pen name, and my “avatar”.

Elysian Fields is my first book, and possibly also the first in a series. I hope that you enjoy the book and its message stays with you for a while. We should all take time to consider or options as we make the decisions that will affect not only us but everyone that will come after us.